Fibrani hand-dyed wools

Fibrani... because I want to! Hand-dyed wool in Quebec

Alina collection, based on Merino and colris linen, spring summer,


knitting kit, Shima shawl. Ariso, base: 90% merino and 10% linen


Base: Bamys Composition: 42% Baby alpaca, 13merino, 10% yak and 35% silk. By Laines Fibrani.


Fibrani wool - Emi


Fibrani Wool-Flake

Flocon - Unprocessed merino wool3

Fibrani Wool - Knitting Idea

Knitting Kit26

Fibrani-Organic Wool

Morgane - Polwarth wool0

Fibrani wool collection. Nuage, made from baby alpaca, Pima cotton and merino wool.


Fibrani wool - Numa base, 70% Baby alpaca and 30% silk, color: Multicolored.

Numa - Alpaca-Silk1

Super Kid Mohair - Empress1

Fibrani wool, base: Tibetan. 65% merino - 20% silk and 15% yak.


Base: Vini Composition: 100% Bébé Llama, Color:. By Laines Fibrani.


Fibrani Wool


Fibrani Wool

Collection Magique - self-striping wool2

Fibrani wool, Base: Lady of the Lake, 100% merino

La Dame Du Lac2

New Arrivals

Knitting kit - Fibrani

Knitting kit - Sweater

Fibrani Wool - Knitting Idea

Knitting Kit

Ready to knit wool socks kit colour: November

knitting kit - Stockings

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