Blog Tips and Tricks: Ravelry is also a notebook, explanations.

In the October article, I told you about Ravelry. How to register, search and find a pattern, etc. Today I'm going to tell you how to save your research and how to use Ravelry as a notebook. A quick recap Remember the October article? I explained how to do a pattern search (or else...

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How to use Ravelry, the reference site for knitters

Estimated reading time: 11 minutes Here I explain how to use Ravelry to find a specific knitting pattern as well as pattern ideas or inspiration. What is Ravelry? First of all, you should know that Ravelry is a website created in 2007 by Cassidy and Jessica Forbes. It currently has over...

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Learn to knit with easy knitting.

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes Learning to knit is easy! Like with anything, you learn the basics, get the right tools, and practice! And why not with an easy knit? For example, a scarf, a stylized dishcloth... or a project that turns you on! Once you know how to knit...

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