Dyer behind Fibrani




I'm the dyer behind Fibrani. Raised in a large family, the youngest of fifteen, I learned the basics of knitting with my mom when I was 7-8 years old. However, I only knitted slippers for Christmas presents. I rehearsed with her for a few years and then I stopped knitting altogether.

Four years ago, one of my sisters called me and told me she started a knitting class.

Two weeks later, she comes home, not forgetting of course her project. The moment I laid my eyes on her knitting, I saw Mom's hands again, the way she held her needles and therefore, how easy it seemed...

Then an immense sense of well-being and comfort came over me.

So I went shopping, needles, wool, ...and knitting became my passion.

Then comes the desire to dye... So was born Fibre and Annie!

In conclusion, I'm a new dyer. The one behind Fibrani. I hope to have a good time with you, with your family, with my wool. Especially seeing them become yours, transforming through your knitting and becoming your last finished project, your favorite!

Molly, Fibrani's VP (Distribution), will use her legendary flair to track your precious packages to you.

Good knitting!